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ID Number: 535
Model: D330x500
Manufacturer: Vermeer
Category: Drill
Size: 200,001+ lbs
Year: 2009
Hours: 2,600
Stem Diameter: 5.5 inches
Stem Length: range ll feet
Stem Number of Pieces: 97
Price: $1,250,000 Complete package
Comments: 2009 Vermeer D330x500 Drilling Rig with 2355 hours, Cable Sonde Extension Kit and (6) Ton Hydraulic Crane in good condition. Factory Warranty Remaining! Machine comes with Drill Pipe, Mud Mixing System, (2) Trailers, and Tooling.Accessories: 30' x 8' Machine Base Anchor 8 1/2" Mill Tooth Drill Bit 2' Bent Extension Sub 36" Reamer 42" Reamer 52" Reamer 68" Reamer 32" Barrel Swab 42" Barrel Swab D196 Sonde Housing 4 1/2" IF Set of Gearwrench Breakout Tongs 154 Ton Swivel 4 1/2" IF Other Miscellaneous Tooling

Mud System:

Model: MP-500
Manufacturer: American Augers
Hours: 8,900
Tank Capacity: 500
Cleaning Capacity: 300
Comments: American Auger MP-500 Trailer mounted Mud Mixing System with Perkins Diesel Generator and a Tulsa Rig Iron down hole pump

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